I was going to leave a comment on this one saying how much I laughed because my husband is one of those intrepid fools who try to scale every unsuspecting mountain in sight. Instead, I decided that this was too good not to share with my gang. Enjoy!

Non-Euclidean Sofa

I’ve made a terrible mistake, and squirrels saw it happen. I used to think that hiking was little more than a sort of all-terrain walking. I used to think mountains were grand spires of adventure just waiting to be conquered. I was an idiot. There’s a mountain where I live called Humphrey’s because if I’m going to live near a mountain, it’s going to have a dorky name. Like a fool, I was roped into hiking to the top of this mountain–because I seemed to think this all sounded like a great idea for a morning activity. If an undead Viking rips itself from the ground at your feet and shrieks in otherworldly tones “find my cursed treasure in the bowels of the sword cave,” you would probably step cautiously away from damned creature demanding your inevitable death. Do the same with anyone who asks you to hike a mountain…

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