Part 6  The Rest of the Story

Levi was lying there not being dead, and Walter was practically OD’d on his “chill pills.”  While the two of them were snoozing, Bill and I were trying to figure out the mystery of how Walter appeared on the porch after having been locked in a 6-foot high kennel.

It was mid-morning when the phone rang.  Our neighbor Donna called to make sure WE were alive.  They had heard Walter barking all night for three nights in a row.  Our dogs rarely bark for any length of time, so it seemed odd.  Donna and her husband Danny were worried.  It was strange and all sorts of scenarios played out in their minds.

They thought we might be ill.  Then they wondered if someone had come to rob us and left us for dead.  Maybe we were dead.  All three cars were in the yard, so it wasn’t like we were away.  Unless an ambulance came to take us away.  Yes, they were worried.

The clincher that something was wrong was when Danny was driving by and saw a black dog running loose outside our house.  The dog kept running around the house looking like he wanted to get in.  Danny got the dog and put him on our porch.  Now Danny had no idea that we had a black dog, but since it was so hell-bent on getting into the house, he took a chance.  He grabbed a 5-gallon bucket and filled it with water so the dog wouldn’t die of dehydration.

The more Danny and Donna thought about it, the more concerned they became.  Not only were they worried that we might be dead, but also that the other animals we have weren’t being cared for.  They are both animal lovers through and through. Danny considered calling 911, but instead, he drove down the road to see the Sheriff’s Deputy who lives nearby.  He told him the story and asked that he check on us.  Apparently, the deputy came by and reported back to Danny that there was no dog on the porch.

During all of this, we were in bed, with Levi snoozing between us and all of this was happening on the other side of the house.  Usually Levi will bark to let us know someone is around, but of course, he was sick and wasn’t up to his normal watch-dog self.  We were so exhausted, we slept through it all till Donna made that call.

That’s the story of Levi’s near-death experience and the Great Houdini dog.  We still have to figure out how Walter escaped.  In the meantime, we’ll be giving him tranquilizers till Levi feels better.  Levi will be taking his antibiotics.  Bill will be taking his pain pills for his back.  Now I think it’s time for me to have some new pills, too.  Do you think I could get a prescription that drug they administer to patients about to undergo a colonoscopy? Apparently, it makes you forget everything that happened during that difficult experience.  Yup, I want some of that.


33 thoughts on “My Darkest Days – A Series Part 6

  1. Ha…you’re life never has a dull moment for sure! Jeez, I had that drug for that reason years ago when I had stomach issues…I questioned them telling me that I wouldn’t remember a thing but guess what??? I didn’t!!! But didn’t particularly wish to be told how I yapped until the medical team agreed to sing “You are My sunshine”! Urr!

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    1. Hahahahahah! I can just picture that. You made them sing You are My Sunshine when they went where the “sun don’t shine!”

      I had a colonoscopy and did the drug thing. They found a polyp so they had to go back in. I told them I didn’t want the drugs so I could watch. It was really cool! I never imagined that I would get the chance to see myself from inside-out!

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    1. Better today than yesterday. Less snottage! I have no idea why my spell check doesn’t like that one. Now that he’s better, I feel like it’s safe for me to have my nervous breakdown. When I look back, I can’t believe what we went through and the emotions that went with it. I had some small seizures, but I have no idea how I avoided a grand mal. I’m just so happy my boy is better. How’s your girl today? Back to eating ice cream sundaes? 🙂

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      1. Oh good! You asked the English professor why spellcheck rejects the word snottage so of course I had to look it up, lol. It’s not in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, so I would guess that is why! Although I have heard that word my whole life being used for lots of snot and use it too! I guess someone made it up and it caught on!

        Oh I bet you do! Sometimes you have no choice but to hold it together until its safe to lose it! I’ve done that! So sorry you’ve had some seizures, but so glad you’ve not had a big one! Glad Levi is better too! ❤ Praying he stays that way!!

        She's better! And been so good while I had some lectures to give online and had to do a couple of my own assignments ❤ No ice cream today. We've been good and eaten healthy. So maybe ice cream after dinner…minus the sundae part, lol. 🙂

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          1. HAHA! Too funny! My dad always used that word when I was little if we had a bad cold, lol. Then, my husband uses it, so I just started using it with the kids! The ice cream was good…I had no appetite for dinner (aren’t I a good influence?) and ate just the ice cream. A huge bowl in fact! Making up for eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, lol. 🙂

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  2. Pheeeeewwwwww. I had such a bad feeling at the start of this saga and now I’m actually beginning to relax and think he might just come through ok. Give him and Houdini dog massive hugs and slobbery kisses from their Australian “aunt”. Oh and I still have prescription drugs from surgery… I could send you a whole bunch but there’s this whole drugs in mail malarkey these days…..

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    1. Hugs and kisses have been given from Aussie Auntie. Yes, I thought this would turn out horribly, too. It still might. He’s still vomiting, sneezing and coughing; but I’m hoping that’s just from pneumonia. Some of his antibiotics are finishing up so I need to keep extra close watch on him. Thanks so much for being here while I was writing. It was a great help to me, that’s for sure!

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  3. Your neighbours Donna and Danny are so thoughtful. Thank God for them. Sorry to here about Bill and Levi. As for your colonoscopy, I can’t recommend anything but just think of the good to come out of it or rather the treatment. 🙂

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  4. Haha what a story. At least you slept through part of it and had no idea. I’m glad Levi is getting better and Walter was rescued, or rescued himself hahaha. And you are right and I don’t remember much about my recent colonoscopy and the drugs did their magic.

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  5. I was playing catch up with reading blogs so read all your series today. My heart went out to you and Levi, I was almost crying on the tube into work. So pleased he’s making a recovery. You wrote it so well and it still had your humour in it. Sending love from the UK xx

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    1. Thank you so much. Levi is still fighting to recover, but he’s going to beat that pneumonia! I can’t tell you how important it has been to have the support of the WordPress community. Hugs and love from Cornville! 🤗 ❤️ 🤗


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