I asked for ideas on how best to do this and I got some great ones:

  1.  Publish quotes as they come in.
  2.  Publish quote with an added comment or story to go along with it.
  3. I put out a random word from a random word generator (who knew?) and let the related quotes come in as comments.
  4. #3, but instead of comments I publish them all singly.
  5. #3 or #4 and we do a poll for favorite of the week like The Six Word Story Challenge
  6. Some combination of the above.

I am more than willing to do any and all.  Luckily, I have the time to be a Quote Wrangler!

At a very minimum, we should do the quotes on their own and quotes with commentary.

I think doing a random word each week would be a lot of fun.  More people would see each quote more readily if I published them singly.

As for a weekly contest, maybe we could revisit that once we find out how popular this is.  What are your thoughts?

Perhaps we could use hashtag #quidproquote so that our Twitter friends can follow along.  I’ve never done a lot with Twitter, but it’s time I learn a little bit about it.

I’m really excited about this.  I might have to coax our resident artist look into creating a featured image for us.  Hint hint Silas!



16 thoughts on “Quid Pro Quote Follow-up Questions

  1. What I am hearing is that there is interest in doing quotes with comments attached. Also a random “word of the week” quote where we leave comments instead of publishing singly. Also, you would enjoy a poll at the end of the week to vote for the best one.
    How’d I do? Haha!


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