I’m getting some favorable feedback on doing something related to quotes.  Let’s start out by having you send your favorite quotes to me at  mainepaperpusher@yahoo.com

The frequency at which I publish them will be determined by how many I get.

Another possibility came to mind and I don’t know what you all might think of this.  I could put a random word out there and you could send in a quote that is related.  I found a random word generator that could make things rather interesting!

Or we could do both!  My goal, besides reading some very interesting quotes, is to get bloggers together.  We’ve been having so much fun with my Guest in Jest series.  I thought this quote thing might be similar, but with less investment in time.

Let’s do this!  You send them, I’ll get them out there!  mainepaperpusher@yahoo.com


18 thoughts on “Quid Pro Quote – Let’s Do This!

            1. Very good, indeed! I’ll check it out! Superwifeandmummy had a neat idea, too. I’ll have to put out another “what do you think?” email and we can see what everyone wants to do. OR we can do all of them…blogger’s choice!

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  1. Hahaha, ok ignore my comment on the previous post as I didn’t see this post!
    I found what I was looking for btw.

    This quote :

    “It’s definitely a checkup from the neck up…” on visiting the neurologist

    … is why I followed you! 😙

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    1. Oh my, you are following me under the misapprehension that I came up with that line. I misappropriated it from Kinky Friedman. Kinky is a humorist and a country singer. His group was called Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. *hangs head* You can unfollow me now if you want… 😢


      1. Omg! 😂😂😂😂As if I would, silly woman!! Honestly, it was only the little kickstart and then I loved everything about you and your blog!
        Un-follow … 😂 Too funny….

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