I had a good response to my idea of doing a quote every once in a while.  That was really nice, but then I got to thinking.  You know this is where I get myself into trouble, but we’re all friends here and you understand the quirkiness that is me.

What I was thinking was:  “Why should I have all the fun?”

Then I thought about all the fun we’ve been having with Guest in Jest and how we could make this quote thing a group activity.  A lot of people want to participate in Guest in Jest, but coming up with a whole post isn’t always that easy when it has to be humorous.  This just might be a way to easily participate in some fun.

Maybe this could be any quote you like.  Maybe we could share our favorite quotes on a certain subject.  Maybe we could make a game out of it somehow.  Or…?  What do you think?  I’m sure we could figure out a way to make this fun.

If we go back and forth, I could call it Quid Pro Quote!  C’mon!  You know we have to figure out how to use that title.

Hugs to you all! 🤗  🤗  🤗



22 thoughts on “Quid Pro Quotes? To Be Or Not To Be?

  1. Maybe like one of those stories you used to do as kids where one kid says the first line, then hands over to the next kid who has to build on it. So I would write a quote then ‘tag’ someone who then has to find and use a quote that supports or debunks the first quote.
    Example: Person A writes “If you’re going around in circles, you’re probably cutting corners.”
    Person B writes, “If you’re going around in circles, you’re probably cutting corners. On the straight and narrow path there are no corners to cut.”
    Person C writes: “If you’re going around in circles, you’re probably cutting corners. On the straight and narrow path there are no corners to cut. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

    and so on….

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    1. That would be fun! How would it work?How would we keep it from dying out after a couple of turns? Would the quote keep morphing into something completely different? How would we be sure that everyone would be included? It’s a novel idea from a novel writer!

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  2. For reasons I shall explain shortly, please point me to your post about the neurologist. ..I can’t find it!
    And my gosh, I have so many posts of yours to read! I was lost in a sea of hilarious wit😰

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      1. The second link didn’t work 😯 .
        I had a thought about this quote endeavour.
        How about everyone emails you their favourite quote ,let’s say by Sunday. You choose which one you like and post it on Monday. In the comments section, the challenge is to write a 20-70 (?) word story or funny or thought based on that quote and the one with the most likes, er, wins?! It’s just a skeleton of a silhouette of an idea 👼

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