Recently I was shocked to find that some of my posts were sent directly to my early archives where few people would see them.  The first word that came out of my mouth was Humph!!!  It was then that I decided I would reincarnate some of my old posts in a regular weekly series and I’d call it Humph! Day.  What better day of the week should I have Humph! Day?  Wednesday, of course.


I’m a Morning Porcupine

People speak fondly of Morning Larks.  Those people wake up with a smile, often before dawn, and start their day merrily.  I hate those people.  My mother was a Lark and, it’s a terrible thing to say, but I hated her in the morning.  When I was a small child, she would come into my room and speak to me in tones that I can only describe as mellifluous.  As I got older, it got worse.  She actually expected me to talk to her in the morning.  Talk in the morning before caffeine?  I think not!

Mom didn’t understand why I wasn’t exactly the same way she was.  She blamed it on the school system that required kindergarteners to go to school half a day.  I was in the afternoon class and she felt that spoiled me.  The other 12 years of school where I had morning classes every day didn’t count, apparently.  To her dying day, she believed if I had gone to kindergarten in the morning I would have been “normal.”

Why couldn’t I be a Morning Lark?  Could I train myself to be more like my Mom?  No, I was a Night Owl through and through.  As I hit my high school years I found myself going to bed after my parents did.  They would start to get drowsy during the evening news and would be in bed by nine o’clock.  They just didn’t get my Night Owl-ness!  Obviously, it was because I was a teenager.

In their eyes, everything was because I was a teenager.  I became a vegetarian and they thought that would be just a fad because I was a teenager.  I listened to loud music because I was a teenager.  To this day I am a vegetarian, loud-music-loving, Night Owl.  Either their analysis was wrong or I haven’t grown up.  It’s probably the latter and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Owls are supposedly wise and they do their best work at night.  The latter is certainly true for me and I hope the first one is, too.  All my life I have seen myself as a Night Owl, but only recently did I realize that I was a different animal in the morning.  Sure, Night Owls sleep during the day as I am wont to do, but anyone who knows me in the morning realizes, sometimes painfully, that I was no sleepy owl.  I was a Morning Porcupine!

When this notion popped into my head I did a little research on porcupines.  I found that they have the following traits:

Stocky body




In looking at the list I thought “check, check, check, and check!”  I have all of those traits! Plus, I might not have actual quills, but I sure can sling a barb or two when necessary. Usually, this happens before coffee and before noon.  After noon I am a very nice person. Really, I am!

The knowledge that I was a Morning Porcupine was freeing.  I no longer had to explain why during the morning I was sleepy and dangerous if agitated.  All I had to do was say that I’m a Morning Porcupine and all was understood.

What animal(s) are you?

30 thoughts on “Humph! Day #3

  1. This made me think! I don’t honestly know what animal I would be…More of a morning person (when having to deal with people) even if I tend to sleep late I kind of want to be alone in the evenings. Now you got me thinking what animal describes that personality!😊

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    1. All you will get first thing in the morning is a stony glare…if you are lucky. By noon I’m almost human IF I’ve had my coffee. No coffee? All bets are off!!! 🤗 🤗 🤗 There are your hugs Bunty!


  2. Good morning, Sunshine! It is 8:17 a.m. And I thought we could have a chat about life! I have a ton of questions and I know, being the kind soul that you are, you would love to answer them for me! I will bring the treats! No worries about answering the door, I will just let myself in. You will know it is me, for I will be singing show tunes for you! See you in 5 minutes, with bells on!💚😘

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  3. If I didn’t have stupid work obligations because it’s one of the requirements of adulting when one is not rich, I’d be a night bat. And I don’t mean vampire bat. I’d be a super cute bat like the Egyptian fruit bat with my avocado and my own curtains to block the evil sun from waking me before I’m ready to wake up. 🙂

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  4. I was a lark until college, when I started cramming for exams. But I never knew depression would be way more game-changing than college. It has turned me into a night owl, morning grumpy cat, a lark, an early-bed bear and so on…

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  5. Hi! So… you are today’s 365 Daily Challenge “Recommended Blogger” to know… just wanted to say thank you for everything over the last couple of months. I appreciate our blogging connections! 🙂 It will be released at some point today with a short blurb on you and directing folks to your site.

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