There isn’t much to say about me, I’m not an exceptional person, I’m an adult with the mind of a teen. I’m best in writing than talking. So I love to write and read. I traveled in many places around the world as a child, I suppose that the best countries I ever wanted to live are: UK, Ireland and maybe Switzerland. I don’t have a sense of belonging, I don’t feel that I’m able to say that I’m from such or such country, but if I have to, than I’d say that I’m more British or Irish (not that any of my parents are from there) than any other country I’ve seen. I started to blog when I’ve finished my first book The Theory Of Fate, I needed a place where I could have discussed it (which never happened by the way) then a year later when I’ve written a second book I’ve changed it’s name into Novus Lectio where I could write anything that popped into my mind;
There is a funny story (according to me) that happened not long ago. I was walking by myself in a park enjoying the trees, when I found two wood poles, they were ment to be jumped over as we do when we jump over a crouched person, but these poles were high for me. The smallest of the two was as high as my waist! But as I never jumped over a crouched person before I thought it was easy as seen in the movies. So I made a few steps back looking at the pole, and run toward it. At the last second I jumped holding the top of the pole with both hands, but something strange happened, something that I haven’t thought of. My hands remained stuck under my bottom! And then it happened. I saw myself fall toward the dust, face first. Fortunately I spinat I fell on my side. How I laughed at myself,  I was happy that no one saw me. And finally d dirty cloths.

Please join us in our Guest of Jest series.

Here are the rules:

  1. Give us some info about you and your blog.  Make sure to add a link to it.
  2. Write up something amusing.  It doesn’t have to be “laugh out loud” funny, but a bit of humor would be great.
  3. Pictures optional, but encouraged.
  4. The post can be one that has been posted before.

The piece can be anything that is humorous.  A story, a recollection, even something as simple as a joke.

Just email Linda at with a submission and you will be scheduled for publication in order of submission.  This series will run every Friday on 


The featured image was created by Silas at  The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy 


12 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #4 Novus Lectio

  1. Hahaha! You’re always so serious, and hearing you fall over is HILARIOUS! 😂 Thank you for sharing this, love! Great post 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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