Throughout my life, I’ve marched to a different drummer.

Most little girls play with dolls but I played with stuffed animals.

My mother would make dinner and I would want anything other than what she put on the table.

My Mom was orderly and tidy.  My room looked like a hurricane had hit it…twice!

My friends wanted to play with hula hoops and I wanted to play tether ball.

So many people are early risers.  I’m a late sleeper.

I refused to meet my high school requirements.

In college, I took the classes I wanted and not the core subjects.

I was a tree-hugger working for a paper company.

Most people eat meat.  I’m a vegetarian.

The majority of people have kids.  I have dogs and cats.

Most plant hybrids.  I plant heirlooms.

Sane people dress warmly for winter, it’s been three years since I’ve worn socks.

A lot of people like new cars, I prefer old cars that are unique

Many people hate heat, I say: “bring it on!”

My husband loves folk music…don’t get me started!


The list goes on and on. So many times over the course of my life people have pointed out that I’m a contrarian.  I’ve had it!  Everyone under the sun says that!  How dare they?  I shouted to masses: “You are all wrong!  I am not a contrarian!”  It was only then that I realized that they might have a point.





33 thoughts on “I’m a Contrarian…When I’m Not

  1. Is this a true list? Are you a cat and dog mom not a people mom? If so – HUGS!! I feel like a leper at times because I’m 37 and DO NOT want kids. People give me such a hard time about it. When I find another soul mate like this I squeal with joy.

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  2. 🐲❤️🐉❤️🐲❤️🐉❤️🐲❤️🐉❤️🐲❤️🐉❤️🐲❤️🐉🐲❤️🐉. Nothing greater that dragon love! What do you think Roda will say about this comment? I may end up in deep fairy dust!

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  3. I don’t think that I’m much of a contrarian, but I was told since I was little that I was more of a Tomboy than a girl. I loved to wash the cars, play foot, wear pants too often, use tools trying to repair something, etc… Even though I don’t think so at all, I don’t even look like a boy, unless I cut my hair really really short, (which I don’t plan to do) take off all the makeup and dress exactly like a man. It’s crazy I think, but I like to do manual jobs that’s all.

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  4. Love reading this post, because i knew more bits of you now. We have something in common which it unique old car-classic one. As these kinds of cars are strong in mechanic and body in contrary to modern cars like biscuits. Hula hoops😂

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