I am in a very enviable position.  Some of my wonderful friends here have honored me with some lovely tags and awards  I have to apologize because I just can’t do them all.  I am overwhelmed in every sense of the word.  Some of these I’ve gotten more than once (or twice!)  I must thank you all for your kindness and I truly hope you won’t take this as an affront.  Rest assured that I love you all!

Here is the list of taggers and awarders:

Friends For Days  from Maria at https://babieslifefamilygoodfood.wordpress.com/

Unique Blogger  from Sunny at  https://sunsunnyblog.wordpress.com

Mystery Blogger Award   from Silas at https://thekayasthajournal.wordpress.com

Desert Island Discs Blog Tag   from Robin at https://therobinsnest2017.com

Black Cat Blue Sea Award from Roda at https://growingself.blog

I feel bad about this because tags and awards are a great way to introduce bloggers to each other.  That’s one of the big reasons why I started the Guest in Jest series.  That way you can showcase a post to a new audience.

Thank you again for thinking of me.  I love you all!  ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

30 thoughts on “Tags and Awards: My Humble Apology

    1. So true! But they are too busy siding with Wifey, and me, and a lot of the world. I send hugs right back to you my A/C’d Ice Queen! I hope it was a better day for you today. Those fairies missed you! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

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        1. Good! I thought for sure you would give me heck for my comment last night about your A/C loving ways. I’m a little let down. I was all set for a loving tongue lashing. I certainly deserved it. Hehehe, the fairies were hiding because you didn’t visit them yesterday!

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    1. Mel, not you too! Even you are going to tease me about Gordon Lightfoot? Roda got to you, didn’t she? Haha! What would we have if we didn’t have these little jokes. As for my writing, I have a long one coming up that makes me wonder if even you will read to the end!

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  1. 😂I have a few tags to catch up with (oooh, listen to her!) and obviously I was going to throw one your way, but I wont…or will I…. (* evil moustache twiddling…)Brilliant solution to a lovely problem! May this always be the type of problem you encounter-too many friends who love you 🌺🌺
    Thank you for being a superstar 🌺

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    1. Awww, you’re so sweet in spite of the mustache twiddling. Oh my word, I just love that phrase!!! There has to be a “mwahahahah” to go with it. If you send ’em my way, I will acknowledge them happily. My friends here are the BEST-EST…which is way more BEST-ER than BEST. Sorry, I’m in a weird mood this afternoon. Hugs!


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