My dear friend Nel at Reactionary Tales just sent me a message wondering where I have been.  She said it was unusual for me to be MIA for so long.  This was odd because I just posted The Hamster Wheel of Introversion on Wednesday.  Confusion ensued.

Come to find out, every time I posted something I had started a few days or weeks ago, the published date didn’t update to when it’s posted.  Instead, it retains its original draft creation date.  I updated it today.  I had no idea this was happening until Nel went searching for me and found me under a rock created entirely of ignorance.  It’s a BIG rock.

I have decided that since I have 90 posts under my belt and many of them have probably never seen the light of day by at least some of you, I will create a new series called Humph Day!  every Wednesday from now on.   I’m humphing at myself for my ignorance and anything with a “hump” in it seems like it is screaming to be posted on a Wednesday.

My apologies to many of you who missed some of my posts.  Also, my apologies to those of you who had already seen my posts and now are being deluged (once a week) with reruns.

I also apologize to those of you who have recognized that I have maligned hamsters everywhere by announcing that they have had a “p” when in fact they do not.  Not to say that some hamsters might head for the loo every now and again, but they are certainly NOT hampsters.  Maybe I was confusing them with hipsters.  Damn it, now I have a vision of a hipster hampster and it just won’t go away!  I’m going to crawl down under my BIG rock of ignorance now.

Rest assured, you will still see fresh material here and also the weekly Guest in Jest series on Fridays.  Now I get to add Humph Day! every Wednesday.  Please ignore any and all of these posts at will.  There is plenty of room here under my BIG rock of ignorance.  You can join me here for a drink in lieu of reading my stuff.  You know what they say: “Ignorance is bliss.”   If that’s true, then I’m as blissful as a hipster hamster.

46 thoughts on “Humph Day! #0

  1. Hahahaha you’re so hip you have Mr. Mel using emojis! 😂 I have a feeling humph day will be a serious success! P.S. when you said hipster hamster I thought if the Kia soul hamsters except they’re actually chipmunks. Woops! Glad to be able to see your posts again!

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    1. hahahaha, actually the Kia Soul rodents ARE hamsters. You were right at first! Wanna know something funny? We have Kia Soul named Kevin. Our other car is an Element named Bob Watson…hehe, might be a post in that. Dated appropriately! Thanks again for checking up on me!

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      1. Really??? I always thought they were Alvin and the chipmunks, haha. Yes we need that post one of these days and you know I’ll be checking in whenever you go “dormant” again.

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  2. This how the draft dates work has got me wondering about at least a few posts that I started then let stew for a while. Thanks for passing the info on. I admire those of you that publish daily; my goal is 3 a week. And I count guest blogs as a post. And some times even that schedule is hard to keep up. So if you’d like to be funny on my blog sometime, let me know.

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    1. Hey, your piece is being published tomorrow on Guest in Jest. I don’t see why I should return the favor. Let me know if you want something fresh or a repost. Ahem…We all know I have plenty of posts that haven’t seen the light of day!


      1. I hope you meant shouldn’t return the favor. If so, if you have anything on writing, punctuation, etc, I’d love that. Otherwise a squirrel story or something to make everyone laugh!

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        1. Haha! I really should proof my comments, shouldn’t I? Or should I? Yes, I would be happy to return the favor. Obviously writing is not my forte, so a funny story it is! The squirrel story is at your service, should you like it. Any of my posts are yours. Take your pick and it shall be so.


    1. They ARE hamsters! And you have made me very happy. I was sure it was hampster rather than hamster. Then my auto correct had a fit telling me it was hamster. So I wrote about it in this last post and now I realize I wasn’t crazy after all. IT IS HAMPSTER!!! Somehow that makes me feel better and worse, all at the same time! BUT WAIT! It is really HAMSTER. There is a whole list of web pages devoted to the correct spelling. I really put my foot in it! When it comes right down to it, the question is “to p or not to p?”

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          1. Well I love your hump Day idea and I thought one of your readers said Kia guys were chipmunks so clearly Kia needs to immediately hold a press conference to say chipmunk or Hampster or hamster!! I’m telling ya – I have such a bad short term memory!

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  3. Very brilliant idea… I’m learning a lot here in ideas or in words twisting! 😀
    Thanks to Nel as I really missed you last few days…
    About the dragons, how do you deal with them if they ate people?! I used to have a Dinosaur as my pet! But i had to let it go as it starts to eat more than one person a day!!!

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  4. On a completely self absorbed note- I just thought you didn’t like anything I was posting! 😂😂 Oh dear.
    I’m very pleased you’re back! Will catch up on your posts later today as I HAVEN’T SLEPT A WINK! 😠😣😥😢😩😵😭😔😪😪😪😪

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    1. The only way to test out that hypothesis is to write another guest post and see if I disappear. If I do, you’ll know your greatest fears have been confirmed. By the way, the new Guest in Jest post is LIVE!


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