Vitae in Verse
Write a guest post,
make sure that it’s funny.
Well, I’ll give you funny,

on that put some money!

I’m writing in verse
because some may not know –
I am quite the poet,

as good poets go.

I’m a blogger, a mummy
and a hot, gorgeous wife-
Enjoying my toddler – filled,

Wonderful life.

I grew up in Birmingham (NOT Alabama)
The one that’s in England

and a real snoozorama.

I then moved to Cyprus,
The Island of Love-
And cursed and bemoaned

to the heavens above.

At first I was glum,
as teenagers are,
But school soon gave me choir,

theatre and Literature.

Uni then followed,
back in the UK ,
And I blossomed in singing

and performing all day.

My writing
and sharp analytical mind,
grew and became

of the flourishing kind.

Soon I moved back
to the scorching, hot clime ,
where I sang and I wrote,

and perfected my rhymes.

A few years passed,
I thought I was lost,
Drowning in sorrow,

Betrayal, mistrust.

Then out of the blue
(clichéd metaphors aside)

My future stepped out of the Larnaca* tides.

My hubby- to – be
Swept me right off my feet –
A truly heavenly,

Serendipitous meet.

Fast forward a few, well 13 great years
– the passing of which

brings me almost to tears.

The news I was preggy
came sent from above,
We took flight to England,

Emboldened with love.

Our beautiful Angel
was born shortly after,
and simply keeps filling us

with love and laughter.

So what shall I do?
I thought
(amid milk and nappies )

That will nurture my talent and keep my brain snappy?

“A blog!” cried the Muses!
“To splurt out your words,
Your Thoughts, rantings and poems

Will draw in the herds!”

So here I am now,
blogging away,
loving my family

more everyday.

Writing for me
and for your sheer delight,
And I think that these Verses

spoke for me, just right.

Love to all!

Maria (The Super Wife and Mummy )  superwifeandmummy

*Larnaca is a seafront town in Cyprus where I met my husband
Please join us in our Guest of Jest series.

Here are the rules:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself, including where you are from.
  2. Give us some info about your blog.  Make sure to add a link to it. Write up something amusing.  It doesn’t have to be “laugh out loud funny,” but a bit of humor would be great.
  3. Pictures optional, but encouraged.
  4. The post can be one that has been posted before.
  5. The last rule is the most important one.  If you don’t like the previous rules, then write whatever you want.  🙂

Send your submissions to and I’ll get you scheduled in order of submission.

The piece can be anything that is humorous.  A story, a recollection, even something as simple as a joke.

The featured image was created by Silas at  The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy 


43 thoughts on “Guest In Jest superwifeandmummy

  1. This is great! Love the poem!
    Still working on re-entry from the trip! The laundry seems to multiply like rabbits! I can’t wait to send some funny your way, Linda! You are on my adventure list for next week!!😜

    Liked by 4 people

        1. Of course, you are a poet, silly woman! Look at what you have done here! It’s not sweetness…it’s fact! 🙂 I’m so glad you kicked off the series. You’ve inspired others to join in. You’ve had nearly 100 views and 33 likes. This is a very popular post!


          1. Whoo hoo!!! Me too! Wow, I’m slightly impressed with myself now 😶
            Fine! You’re not sweet! (I’ll catch you out one day, gŕrrrr )

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much! So glad you liked it 😊
    Just try it – it’s so much fun and you definitely won’t suck 😂


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