It’s time to get those submissions in for our soon-to-be regular Guest in Jest post.  This will be a weekly thing if we have enough interest.

Here are the rules:

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself, including where you are from.
  2. Give us some info about your blog.  Make sure to add a link to it.Write up something amusing.  It doesn’t have to be “laugh out loud funny,” but a bit of humor would be great.
  3. Write up something amusing.  It doesn’t have to be “laugh out loud” funny, but a bit of humor would be great.
  4. Pictures optional, but encouraged.
  5. The post can be one that has been posted before.
  6. The last rule is the most important one.  If you don’t like the previous rules, then write whatever you want.  🙂

That’s it.  The idea is that we learn a bit about our fellow bloggers and their blogs.  I love knowing where everyone lives and a bit about their lives.  As for the funny part, it can be anything.  A story, a recollection, even something as simple as a joke.

Participants, hereafter known as Jesters, will be scheduled for publication in order of submission.  If I don’t get any submissions, I have nothing to schedule.  If I have nothing to schedule, I will be a sad mainepaperpusher and none of us wants that!

Oh, take a look above at the featured image that Silas at  The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy created for us!

Get in touch with me at to submit your piece, and we’ll take it from there.

Start writing with bells on…on your hats, of course!


28 thoughts on “Guest in Jest Submissions

      1. Silas, I thought I had that fixed! Damn! Try this link and I’ll see if I can fix the “Rules” link. I am so URL deficient tonight! Poor Nel tried to help and I thought we were ok, but…sigh…


          1. This is the link to your Guest in jest submissions post. Do one thing. Open your browser and open the rules post. Now copy its URL and just paste that url in this “Guest in Jest Submission” post

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  1. Reblogged this on Growing Self and commented:
    Everyone enjoys laughter! Well, the amazing Maine Paper Pusher, who secretly tames dragons, has come up with a fabulous idea! Not only is her site hilarious to read, but she has pulled together extremely talented writers to participate in “Guest in Jest”! Check it out!
    Remember…Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing…
    Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You

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