Last summer I started to play Pokémon Go.  Ok, I know it was the “game of the moment” and I was one of those lemmings falling off the cliff.  Oh wait, I really shouldn’t malign lemmings here.  After all, I was once reminded by husband Bill that I might want to move.  I was standing in a parking lot and just then realized that there was a very patient driver just waiting for me to get out of the way.  Lemmings rejoice!  I have joined your ranks!  In my defense, there was a really rare Pokémon there and I wasn’t the only one in that parking lot trying to get it.  I was just the only one holding up traffic.

When I met up with my cousins I found out that Maggie was also playing.  We had a very fun competition to see who leveled up fastest and who got the more interesting monsters.  Our other cousins were quite amused by our rather childish pursuits, but then we were probably each in our second or third childhood.  Maybe more, it all depends on how fast we leveled up in that department, too!

After Maggie left to head south for the winter we still kept up on our progress.  One lovely fall day Bill and I couldn’t find a parking place near a favorite store.  We had to park around the corner and there he was…the ultimate Pokémon coup!  Pikachu in the flesh!  I had to have a pic taken with him just to prove to Maggie that it didn’t matter what level I was on in the game.  I caught the coolest monster of all in real life!




19 thoughts on “Pikachu I See You!

  1. AWESOME!!!! Pikachu is the cutest!!! I remember one of my best friends sitting in the car with me driving around and he suddenly yells for me to go in a certain direction because a pokemon popped up on the radar and he had to catch it! I think it turned out to be a Squirtle or Venasaur back in the beginning of the game when they were rare.

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  2. Yay you got the best pokemon! I played it for 1 month or two but never found a pikachu. I had a collection of zubats, apparantly they were the only ones available in my area. 😦
    This is so cool, haha! Maggie might be so jealous!

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    1. I really need to start playing again. I got out of the habit during the winter. It was so funny that night in the parking lot. We were out there with all the teenagers. One guy came up to me and said: “Wow, I thought I was too old to be playing this…cool!” Haha! Another one knew my phone battery was about to run out and said: “Turn off your phone and when a good one comes up, I’ll yell!” And he did just that!


      1. I have found all the Pokemon GO kids to be friendly and helpful. There’s a “special event” next week with extras and bonuses. It’s called Fire and Ice. It’s the one year anniversary.

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