It is my honor to introduce you to Silas, also known as Bunny.  His blog, The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy caught my eye because of the crazy title.  It made me laugh so I had to check it out.  You should, too!

Silas is a great blogger, but an even greater person.  His blog covers everything from poetry, photos, short stories, introspective ponderings and so much more.  You will find a lot there if you poke around.  He and I bonded over the love of dogs.  He keeps seven of them!  Once you bond over dogs, you are friends for life!

Please visit his blog here:

Now, let’s get to know Silas a little better!

My Questions to Silas:

1. You are planning a dinner party and want the conversation to be interesting.  Who would be your five guests?  You may choose from anyone living or dead, from any time period, famous or not.  Of course, you’ll have to explain why.  🙂

Ahh. I guess I would choose fictional characters only because its more fun and interesting that way. I guess I’ll firstly invite the Regina, the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time. Who doesn’t like a little bit of magic. Haha. Then definitely Sherlock Holmes. No one can stand his wit and humour. Phil Dunphy from The Modern Family. An interesting conversation means laughter, which only Phil can give. Oh and I would love to see how Holmes reacts to Phil’s-osophy. Haha.

 2. What is your favorite idiom?

Back to the drawing board. I’m a design student and this idiom is relatable at so many levels!!

3.  Which holiday destination is your favorite, and why?

Till now it’s been Nainital. It’s a small hill station in the valleys of Himalayas. The only hill station in India with a vast and deep lake. Its named Nainital because its said that Eyes of Sati fell in the lake when lord Shiva was carrying her charred body. The city is very small, it finishes even before you start exploring it, it just has a mall road along the lake and a temple. The atmosphere of the area is so beautiful and serene that no one seems to notice how small the city is. Find a decent hotel room along side the lake and stay there a week and just relax.

4.  You have every television show available to you, which one do you binge watch right now?

Ahhh! I have so many!! I mean I would watch The Vampire Diaries. Ugh I wish they hadn’t ended the show, or at least they should’ve given 2 episodes in the end. That show is really special to me because it was the very first show I was introduced to when I started watching English TV series. I wish Nina hadn’t quit the show, then the last few seasons would’ve been even better. Yikes, I’m straying off the topic. Then I have modern family too. I mean duh! I have watched the entire series exactly 11 times and I even remember every episode word by word. Oh poor parents now that their kids are all grown up. But right now if I were to binge watch I guess it’ll be Once Upon a Time. I’m currently watching it and after 2 years I have found a show that can replace The Vampire Diaries, so its my favorite show.

5.  You can only listen to one musical artist/band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

That’s a tough one because I’m a kind of a person who listens to a song and not a band or a person. I just find a latest or trending song, give it a try, if its nice, I download it and listen to it again. If I love it, it’s on my playlist, If I get bored I remove it.

Till now, only one singer has made the cut and that’s Celine Dion. I know its strange but ya I’m a guy of 2017 who listens to Celine Dion. Lol. However, Justin bieber is growing up in his skills and I guess he’s ready to make the cut too. I guess I’m gonna go with Bieber, he’s new, and he’s young and he has a lot of potential. But then celine has decades of experience! Uhhhh! Linda, you should’ve given me 2 choices. I don’t know what to do. Well Celine has been one of my potential crush so Celine it is.

6.  How did you choose the name thekayasthajournal for your website and what does it mean?

So when I made the blog I wanted it to be real and something that speaks of me. I’m a weird guy. I keep a diary. I’ve kept it for like years. It has some of my most deepest secrets. So I thought if I had to keep a blog real then why not call it a diary?. The Kayastha Journal name was chosen much later. Previously my blog was known as theguydiaries, but little did I knew back then that name was already taken up by some other website and also the name was rather strange. So I decided to change it. I wanted to keep the name like a diary or a journal. Kayastha is a clan, I belong to Kayastha clan of North India. Kayastha is a clan that further includes 12 sub clans and I belong to the second in the hierarchy. So hence I decided to keep the blog name as The Kayastha Journal – Journal of a Kayastha Boy.

7.  The name of your blog is “The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy”  What are you going to call it when you turn 20?

Ahahhaha! Oh my god, that’s a tough question and a serious one too! I have no idea! Maybe “The Diary of weird Young Man” haha!

You have seriously put me in a dilemma now. I have to ponder it now. Lol

8.  If you could have a dog of any breed, what breed would it be?

St. Bernard definitely. I like bigger breeds of dogs, they more calm and wise than the smaller ones. Now you would wonder why not Great Dane. I love fluffy dogs. St. Bernards are so fluffy and adorable, so that’s why them.

9.  What is your favorite bird?

African Gray Parrot. Not really a bird watcher or bird admirer, but ya in my first semester of design school, we had to find a similar personality to the ones that we are working with. I chose my dog, Noddy, so I had to find a thing, living or non living, that has similar characteristics like my dog, so after careful research I shortlisted African gray parrot and somewhere in that research I guess I started liking that bird.

10. If you could design your room from scratch and money was not an issue, what would your room look like?

I don’t fancy a big room. Its easier to mess them up and even difficult to clean them up then. A square room decent size would work just fine. The door would be on corner. As we enter, right next to the door will be my single bed, a little higher than normal to put in drawers for storage. On the right wall will be a giant mirror with lights on top of it. The mirror shall have storage space behind it. The wall right in front of my bed with have cupboards, towards the right will be a wall touching cupboard and then there will be cabinets with fine glass finish. There will be hanging for tv and below it will be kept my xbox. On my bed side wall will have false ceiling design in shape of an H. Now the fourth wall will be a glass wall and be entry to balcony/open space. The entire space will be covered with sliding glass windows. On one corner will be wooden seats attached to the wall with comfy cushions preferably orange and yellow. The sliding windows will have 2 layers of curtains, one basic white and then alternative red and orange. In front of it will be a small cabinet. The entire centre area will be empty to provide space for me to play my xbox and do other stuff. I would also have a loopy lamp, I always wanted one so. The wall with mirror will be white with some floral vines on one corner with black. The floor shall be white marble. The roof will have false ceiling lights in form of a square. One one corner I shall hang a lighting arrangement I personally made using some platonic solids I created back in first semester of my college. Oh also I have some beautiful lamps created out of alcohol bottles they shall go on top of the cabinets. The centre area will have a fur rug preferably white…but it gets dirty so I guess a combination of yellow, red and orange.

11.  Coffee or tea?  What type of each do you like?

I prefer tea in hot form and coffee in a cold form. I love having strong coffee with loads of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Oh and vanilla ice cream would be just amazing.

Talking about tea, I like strong flavors in tea. My favorite it Ginger Tea.

12.  Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite piece by them?  You may choose from any of the arts.

In film fraternity, and my favorite artist is Ranbir Kapoor. His movie Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani is an epic and my all time favorite movie and also a really inspiring one. If you find a version of it with English subtitles, I would say do watch!

In music my favorite is Celine Dion and her It’s all coming back, gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.

13. Who is your favorite Greek, Hindu AND Roman god/goddess? 

I didn’t know a lot about Greek gods so I googled and did a little study on them all and after that I guess I really like Athena. Goddess of wisdom and intelligence. I am an admirer of strong powerful and intelligent women.

Among Hindu gods/goddesses, Goddess Durga is my favorite. She is a warrior goddess with many arms, each having a powerful weapon and she rides a lion. A true example of  a strong and powerful woman.

14.  What is your favorite type of architecture?

Victorian. I just love it.

15.  What do you think is your greatest trait and what is your worst.

My greatest trait and worst is same. I trust people very easily. Sometimes its good but often it has got me in trouble so I wonder if it’s my greatest trait.

I want to thank Silas for being willing to do this Guest Post.  I hope you enjoyed his answers as much as I did.  Please do check out his blog

17 thoughts on “Silas from The Diary of a Weird Teen Boy

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It my was honor to answer these questions. they were so well thought of. I just realised I chose only 3 people in the first questions. So my other two people will be Gloria Pritchett from Modern Family, her accent can make even the most boring thing funny. And the last person will be HR from The Flash. The funny version of Harrison Wells.

    I really enjoyed answering them, thank once again for asking me to do this. Cheers! Oh and I’m reblogging this on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved the Vampire Diaries! I gave up before Nina left the show but I’m considering going back and finishing it because I heard she comes back for the last season. It was nice getting to know you Silas and great post Linda! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Hahaha what temptation! You know I can’t resist your questions! 😁 I’m going to read his questions to you soon as I get home. I’m preparing my lungs 😂

            Liked by 1 person

    1. I guss you should complete the series because even though Nina left, the show is quiet good and ya the last season was too good. Ah I’m missing the show all over again. 😦
      It was great knowing you too Nel. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Yea! But not currently. I have watched till season 2, I will start season 3 in few days. My sister is a huge fan of TO and Elijah Michaelson. My favorite is Freya, I have a thing for witches. haha.

          Liked by 1 person

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