When I was in high school I was invited to skip my senior year and go to college.  I lived in a mill town that was having a rough go of it.  It was rather downtrodden and I was happy to think that I had means to escape.

When I informed my high school principal of my plans, he was less than encouraging.  Actually, he actively tried to discourage me.  I had always been a model student and I listened to him, but I was fuming.  How dare he try to get in the way of my scholarly dreams.  How dare he get in the way of my escape!

I hadn’t planned revenge.  Really I hadn’t!  It just sort of happened. I’m telling you, this whole thing was not premeditated.   It just occurred.  By accident.  Kind of.

I loved chemistry and I was totally impressed when I learned there were chemicals that you could mix with water and create fire.  Somehow, I obtained a pretty substantial amount of this incredible fire-in-water chemical.  I looked at it, and without even thinking twice, I threw it out of the window.

It just so happened that the principal’s office was directly below the chemistry lab.  It also just so happened that it was winter and there was a lot of snow on the ground.

No one saw me do it, but everyone was very impressed with the sight of flames in the snow and ice.  They were made aware of this act because it sort of “blew up” and created a pretty big fire right outside the principal’s window. Next thing I knew the principal came roaring into the lab.  He was out for blood.

I just stood there.  I must admit that I was a fair distance from the window by that time.  Not a single person in that lab had any idea what had happened.  Even I was shocked by the intensity of the reaction.  I have no idea how I kept a straight face that day, but I’m glad I did.  It’s not often that you learn something about chemistry and get unintended revenge at the same time.


10 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. I had a guy in high school chemistry class that was bored creating esters – you know, the banana oil distillation. He figured out if you could distill esters, you could make a little homemade drinking alcohol. He may have become a pharmacist – or gone in a totally different direction. Amateur pharmaceuticals also have some explosive properties.

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