Bill and I have always enjoyed traveling to Canada.  We’ve had a few funny things happen at the border…

We were once pulled out of a long line of cars for inspection.  This wasn’t just a quick look in the trunk.  This was a “take everything out of the car and go over it with a fine-tooth comb” type of inspection.  Once the car was empty, they started going through our things.  They pulled our cassette tapes out (now you see how very long ago this was!)  They emptied my Advil bottle and inspected every pill.  They even emptied out our box of Triscuit crackers!  After all was said and done, nothing was found.  Once we packed everything back in the car I asked the border guard why we were singled out for such a thorough inspection.  He told us it was because we were driving a Saab Turbo.  Apparently, that car was a preferred model for drug runners.  Sigh…those tapes never did play right after that, and the Triscuits certainly didn’t taste the same.

Another time we were crossing over and we were stopped for a quick inspection.  It was one of our first trips over and we didn’t realize that we could only bring a small amount of beer back from Canada.  We had outdone ourselves in the beer department.  I think we had six cases!  We were driving a small Nissan wagon where it was easy to see exactly what we had.  The border guard took one look and calmly told us that they charge duty on that much alcohol.  We didn’t know that and we must have looked pitiful because he let us go, but not before he helped us repack the car so that the alcohol didn’t show.  Why did he do this?  Because he said that even though he was letting us go, it was illegal to travel in the state of Maine with that much alcohol!  Imagine that happening today?

Then there was the time I thought I wouldn’t be let back in the States because I bought too much yarn.  Yup, you read that right…yarn!  Ok, so I did buy a lot of yarn.  I won’t deny it, but it wasn’t like I was trying to run guns or anything!

Yet again we were singled out.  I guess that Saab Turbo really was a red flag no matter what crossing we took!  This one was about 150 miles away from home.  Anyhow, we had to show our driver’s licenses before the inspection started.  The guard took a look at Bill’s license and said: “are you Archie’s boy?”  Bill nodded.  The guard grinned and said: “go on then, and say hi to your Dad for me!”



33 thoughts on “At the Border

    1. Yeah, yarn. I couldn’t help myself. I was in a big knitting phase and there is a retail shop next to the Briggs & Little Woolen Mill. It’s a small shop, but I managed to spend $300. No wonder the border guard thought I owned a shop.

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    1. Good god, man! Remember my little tag with the “super simple” premise? You’ve just gone and turned that on its head, haven’t you? “Sorry” doesn’t even begin to cover it! It’s been a long while since I’ve read a large variety of things, but, because I like you, I’ll do it by the book. 😉 Give me some time though…some of those questions are going to take some serious thought!

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      1. I know, I am very very very sorry! But… since we’re fairly new in connecting, I try to tag some new friends too! 🙂 You totally have the 30 days to re-post and tag others. And if you don’t mind re-reading a bad book, you can always skip it too! LOL

        It was a simple tag, I know… but it was really powerful. For some reason, my mind just went into the vast oblivion of very deep questions! 🙂

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        1. Hahaha….now I’m trying to think of the worst book I’ve read in the last five years. See what you’ve done to me! And you are not sorry. I can see you smirking from here. Smirking I tell you! On a semi-serious note, I was just reading a piece that encouraged reading a book you hate. Here’s the link: I thought about that and now I’m wondering if rereading a book that’s the lowest rated would be similar. But wait, what if I like low-rated books? It’s all too confusing, but not as tough as those questions! I’ll love reading the responses. Let me go ponder this a bit. You are evil. I hope you know that. ;P

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          1. Since the blog is about truth, I cannot tell a lie. This is my brand of evil humor. And I am sorry but only because I know it will take a little time. But I think it will be fun! You had me with smirking. Almost full out laughing here a little too. I will definitely read that article later tonight. Very interesting!

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  1. The only time *knock on wood* I have been inspected was when I went to Aroostook County to visit some friends and we went to Grand Falls, NB. Seemed like a nice place, plan to go back someday during daylight.

    Now we have NEXUS. My late Hubby and I would visit the in-laws near Buffalo and we always liked to go to Canada because he had to get his beer and there are a few clothing stores I like there.

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  2. We travel almost every summer from Nova Scotia to Old Orchard Beach. We love Maine! Last summer was the first real time we got inspected. It was going into the States, an agricultural inspection, nothing like what you had gone through!

    Of course, it was our first year taking a larger trailer and a dog! It is nerve wracking, isn’t it? They even wanted to inspect the dog food, but my husband had no idea where I’d packed it.

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    1. Wow, bringing a trailer and a dog. I’ve never taken a dog across. I bet they would love inspecting my two Great Danes. If they got near my puppy’s food they would probably lose a hand. Walter loves his food. I’m really happy to hear that you love Maine. I’ve been very close to Nova Scotia, but never actually been there. That part of the world is just beautiful. Now I want to go!


      1. They made my son and I wait in the lobby area with about 5 customs agents to keep an eye on us. My husband was told to take our dog to a grassy area (with a fire hydrant, no less!) We were kept well away from the actual inspection. It was a weird feeling, for sure! That being said, they were very professional and friendly 🙂

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          1. We are Canadian and we were on our way into the States. They just wanted to make sure we weren’t bringing in any fruit and veggies, firewood or stuff that could cause disease to American farmers and forests. I don’t think they even asked about OUI/DUI lol

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            1. No, it’s only the Canadians who care about that because it’s a law there to keep those people out. I wonder if it was car thing that time, too. We were in Penny, our Saab turbo convertible. I don’t think they like turbos, but I do!!

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  3. I never pictured the Canadian boarder so tough! I’ve heard you can do immigration to the US at Canadian airports, too – if you’re traveling on the US. But I hear the process seems much more stringent when you enter from Canada…


    1. I’m so sorry if I wasn’t clear. All of my strange stories were about entering the US from Canada. The only time we had an odd experience going into Canada the border official asked us about having a drunk driving record. We said no and he said “so, if I were to look it up, I wouldn’t find anything” We both said in unison “Go for it!” He immediately let us through.


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