What is the Where in the World Are You Tag?

Where in the world is the author of that great blog?  Hopefully, this tag will help answer that question and provide some background info about the locales behind the blogs we love.


You are ALL nominated.  The best part is that it is super quick and easy.

The goal is to get as many blogs involved as possible.  Using the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou will make it easy to find new blogs from interesting places.

The rules are simple

1. Share your location being as specific as you like.  Just a country is fine.

2. If you wish, give a little info on your locality.  Photos are a plus!

3. If you have a post about where you live, feel free to share the link.

4. Add the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou

5. Post it to your blog replacing the country name after the title with yours.

That’s it.  Only one question to answer and an optional essay.  Just replace the info in your predecessor’s post with your own and set it free.

You can grab the header image here:



Where am I?

I’m mainepaperpusher from Cornville.  Cornville is a tiny town in central Maine which is at the tippy top right corner of the United States, near Canada.
Cornville is a very rural town with no stores, restaurants or even a post office.  The population is about 1200, and there is no center of town at all.  Basically, if you blink you’ll drive right through it without even knowing it.  You might do that even if you don’t blink!

If you want to know more about Cornville and see some photos, feel free to visit my guest post on Mohamad Al Karbi’s excellent blog here:  The Town at the End of the Universe

Thanks to all for participating!  ~mainepaperpusher  Please pingback here so I  can keep track Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

Tag with WhereIntheWorldAreYou


124 thoughts on “Where In the World Are You? U.S.A.

  1. Thank you so much, Hussein! You might just be the first. I don’t know if this will work, but I’d love to be able to look up the tag WhereIntheWorldAreYou and see all of the blog posts. If we keep it going, we should find some really great ones. 🙂 ❤


            1. I have no clue! 😜 Did you create the image? Someone asked me the same question for the growing self blog award image. I just emailed it to them.

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                1. I took a screenshot of your post with my phone. I then cropped it down to just the graphic. I then put that in the featured image spot. It worked!

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  2. Ok, it’s probably not the most elegant way, but I’ve put a small header image in the body of the text for copying purposes. I’ve never updated a post so much in my life! But with the help from you all, I hope to make it a great tag. Thanks for being my beta testers!

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              1. Oh! So essentially, people will type “mainepaperpusher” on their blog post when they do the tag and highlight your name to insert a link to this post. Then you get a notification to approve what looks like a comment but it’s a link to that person’s blog post that’s related to your tag. That’s a pingback. We’re pinging back to you to let you to give you credit and show we did your tag. Then if another person is browsing this post and wants to see other bloggers answers, they can click the link directly from your post. They call that a trackback.

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                  1. Well you should get the credit since you created the tag. So there definitely should be a pingback especially since it’ll make it easier to click around and see other blogs from your comment section. But they can tag it as well should other people search the tag manually and decide to participate.
                    You’re not being dense at all. Happy to help 😀

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                    1. Yeah! Looks great! The more people who pingback the more you’ll be able to keep track of participants and we’ll get to see the city/countries listed right on your post which is neat!

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                    2. That, I don’t think so. The pingbacks are random. However, what you could do maybe in a week or so is make an updated post listing out everyone that participated and pingback to all of us letting us know we were feature in your tag post. That’s the only workaround I can think of.

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                    3. No problem and hey think of it as the next time you do this, it’ll be a cake walk! 😊 You just got a learning growing tag right?? You’re doing a great job 😁

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                    4. You accepted the pingback from James. It shows on your site. I’m gonna do one now so you can have another 😀


              1. That’s what I hear! They built the house a few years back. It has a stream and tons of trails. She says she could go up there and start a new society if there ever was an apocalypse

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    1. I’m on the plain old vanilla wordpress.com. I don’t have my own website. I always find the follow button kind of floats on the bottom right-hand side as I scroll up and down. I’m thrilled you want to follow me. Thanks so much!

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        1. You are NOT a dodo! If I go into your blog and I scroll up and down, there is a little “button” in green lettering that says “following” because I’m following you already! It should just say “follow” since you aren’t following me yet. That was a long sentence to say something fairly simple. Sorry for that. If it’s not there, we’ll have to get a more experienced blogger in to help. Scroll up and down like a mad man! I’ll be smiling here imagining you doing it! 😉

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                    1. Hahahaha! Next thing she is going to tell you what a bad influence I am on you. Isn’t scrolling like a madman illegal or something? Gosh, I hope not, otherwise you wouldn’t be following me!

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                    2. Nah dont worry, my mom is cool. But if she did, he friends are even insane…trust me.
                      And no i dont think scrolling is illegal. Gosh why will it be?

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                    3. I know right! People around me are so obsessed with being perfect and here look at me I’m chatting on a public page with my new best friend and on 3 different platforms. i mean what could be sillier than this. I often pity those people because they are so sad with life.

                      We all need some silliness because we all are so busy with our crappy lives. And thank you too for keeping this on!

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                    4. What is it with this whole perfection thing? Who is this world is perfect? The older I’ve gotten, and the more people I’ve met, I realize that anyone who looks like they have a perfect life is usually a person who has the most imperfect one. People can spend so much time crafting a pretense that they don’t take the time to live life. Live life, be silly, be weird…be happy!

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                    5. I totally agree with that! Life is too long to make it perfect, I mean ya one point you have to and it naturally is but other times people just forget to enjoy it.

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                    6. So true. Hey, you are really rocking my stats! I looked at my little country map and India dark orange and proud! I love it when someone reads my stuff and likes it enough to read more. Woohoo!

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                    7. hahahah! Dont worry, the keyboard probably just malfunctioned. it happens. One of my best friends told me the same thing here a while ago. 😉

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                    8. I think you should do a guest post on my blog, too. I have no idea how to do that, but we can goof it up while we’re learning and accomplish all of that stuff we talked about earlier. Yeah, we’re gonna rock!

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  3. I live in beautiful Southern California, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. #whereintheworldareyou
    I love to garden, and my blog is all about gardening in small spaces and on a limited budget, although any gardener/plant lover can appreciate it. Not sure how to ping but this is a start!


    1. Thanks, Ann Marie (all one word or like this?) I started this thing not knowing what I was doing either. I’m still having fun trying to figure out pingbacks and all of the other stuff, but I’ve only been around about 3 months. How long have you been blogging? I perused some of your more recent posts, but didn’t go deep into the archive 🙂

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