I love lists. I keep lists for every conceivable thing.  Bill once joked that I should have a list of my lists.  I handed him a copy.  I have a serious list-making disorder.  If I lost my lists, I don’t think I could go on.

Then it occurred to me that this fear of losing my lists might be a phobia.  Do I have a phobia?  I went to Google and typed in “fear of losing lists.”  That got me a page called “The List of Phobias.”  Now we’re talking!  Phobias…in list form…yes!  I was sure to find my answer there!  I found a few phobias that seemed to hit a bit too close to home, but nothing on losing one’s lists.

Google failed me. So naturally, I decided to make up my own name for this fear. The first thing that came to mind was Checkboxophobia.  Sadly, this didn’t fit because it sounded like a fear of checkboxes and that is the opposite of what I wanted.  I like checkboxes, I NEED checkboxes.  Suddenly I had a fear of losing checkboxes…wait, what I’m losing is my progress toward solving my original problem.

Once I composed myself after that whole checkbox fiasco, I pondered what described my probable phobia. The things I came up with were all wrong. They were too complicated or too long.  Then I remembered Occam’s razor.  Occam’s razor is the principle that “other things being equal, simpler explanations are generally better than more complex ones”

I kicked myself for not having that quote in my list of quotes, but then I remembered that this was a principle and I didn’t have a list for those.  That made me feel a little better.  Then I thought about the fact that I had neglected to create a “principles” list and that made me depressed. Thankfully, I didn’t start my list of principles right then. It was a little dicey there for a bit, but I decided to stay the course.  My immediate problem was to coin a word for the fear of losing one’s lists.  Coining a word for forgetting to create a list was way down on my…ummm…you know…list!

Back to Occam.  Using his principle made perfect sense. The word had to be distilled to its essence, I had to shave it to the bone. I decided to call this fear “listlessophobia.”   It was short and it was descriptive.

Then it occurred to me that “listless” was already a word.  How could I use it to describe my phobia?  I consulted one of my favorite lists, the dictionary.  The definition of “listless” was “sluggish, torpid, inert, lifeless”  Hmmm, that’s exactly how I would feel if I lost my lists!  Listlessophobia it is!  Perfect!




12 thoughts on “NOT Checkboxophobia

  1. Sorry to tell you your word, listlessophobia has been used. It was first used by a Dr Tong in 2002. He used it to describe a condition of a patient of his.

    The patients was the comedian Bob Upp. He used his list in his act with great success. As his fame grew and his audiences became larger he began to have a reoccurring nightmare. In this nightmare he would wake up and find is list gone.

    This nightmares continued for many months before he decided to get help.
    That is when he contacted Dr Tong, a world renowned Phobiologist.

    It was after the initial consultation when the doctor diagnosed Bob with listlessophobia.

    Fortunately for Bob, Dr. Tong was able to calm his fear. He reassured Bob that the only way he would ever lose his list was to have a special shoe made.

    The nightmares ceased

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    1. You don’t believe me, you think I would make this up? Ask Bill, he has probably heard of Bob Upp, he open for Gordon Lightfoot when he was just starting out. Bob Upp the singing comedian who had a list. Besides they didn’t have URL’s then.


    1. Hi, James!

      We are similar? I’m so sorry for you. You’re young, maybe you’ll outgrow it. 😉

      I’ve decided that she must be a masochist because this is the second time that Nel has nominated me and I gave her a pretty good roasting the last time. I’ll try to be better this time, but no promises.

      It’s a pleasure to “meet” you and I look forward to learning more about you.

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