I sit before you a humbled person.  In the end, the lovers outweighed the haters by one vote.    Sigh…

I knew I was in trouble when we went to eat at Pizza Hut this afternoon and a Lightfoot song came over the speakers.  Bill sat there and laughed and laughed.  It’s a good thing he couldn’t read my mind because it was “If You Could Read My Mind” was the song in question.  Not only do I get to be sufficiently chastened here, but I was tortured there, as well.  Ahh..so be it.  Sigh…

It gives me pleasure knowing that a full third of the votes were under the category of “Other” and half of that didn’t give a rat’s patoot.  That leaves us with 22.2% haters against 27.78% lovers.  Hey!  Only slightly more than a quarter of the respondents were in the love category.  Now I sound like a politician  Sigh…

Now that you have heard WAY MORE than enough about Gordon Lightfoot, we’ll get on with our regularly scheduled programming.  😉


9 thoughts on “Gordon Lightfoot Likability Poll Results

  1. Thank god! While I don’t haaaaate him, no one deserves being forced to hear him more than 5 minutes a month 😱😂 And while eating pizza???? Who was the devil that thought it would be funny????? Anyway, good luck and don’t give up! There is life beyond the moustache man!

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        1. Sigh…yes you did Mr. Mel, and I stand humbly before you. I totally deserve that “I told you so.” Hey, at least I learned how to do polls! Thanks for the fun banter, you made it much better than it would have been otherwise!

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