My Gordon Lightfoot post has engendered some polarization so I thought it would be fun to see how many like him vs. how many don’t.  Plus it will give me a chance to figure out how polls work here.  If the haters outnumber the lovers I’ll share this with Bill and that will take care of my smugness needs for a while. 😉  And yes, this is the one time when I won’t mind if you are a hater.  The whole “don’t be hater” thing is off the table.  It’s time to take off the kid gloves.



17 thoughts on “Gordon Lightfoot Likability Poll

  1. Lmao. “don’t be a hater” thing is off the table. Hahahaha! Can I just say that I googled the guy and he looks like an older Chris Pratt with lots of facial hair to me?

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      1. Back when Gordon was preforming there was no YouTube. Great singer could not rely on artificial voice enhancement. The music played now is more electronic than natural. Ask Bill he can confirm this.

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      2. Unfortunately, what you hear for current concerts on YouTube is pretty much spot on. I’ve seen him three times and Bill has seen him seven times. I just asked Bill, and his response was “yes, music today is more electronic, and singers can “cheat” thanks to voice enhancement techniques. The electronics tend to help with keeping a singer on key. Gordon has no problem remaining on key, it’s just that the quality of his voice, and his range, has gone to hell, probably due to so much drinking and smoking over the many years. This voice change started about 20 years ago. We saw him in ’98 and his voice was starting to go. In ’02 it was worse. After that, even Bill refused to go again. He prefers to listen to the Gordon of the past. I don’t blame him a bit. Gordon had a wonderful voice back then, even if the style of music wasn’t my cup of tea.

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  2. Hum… I listened to some of his music, probably from the 70’s… I wouldn’t say I haaaate him, but for sure it would not be in my player’s list… hahaha Good luck in your crusade!!!! 😈😆

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