My friend Nel Nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award.  She asked three questions. If you want to see the answers to questions one and two, you’ll have to see my previous post.  Question #3  was a stumper.  She wanted me to describe myself in three words. Here it goes:

Bat shit Crazy kinda sums me up.  Oh crap, my spell checker is saying that I can’t use bat shit because it’s really batshit (no space!?) and now I’m down to two words.  That’s inconvenient.  Now what?  Ok ok, Batshit Crazy Pants!  Wait!  That sounds like I have batshit (no space) on my crazy pants.  Hmmm…  Alright, I’m going to lose the pants.  I know what you are thinking and stop it right now!


I’m back to batshit (no space…still seems wrong.)  I think I’m going to lose the “batshit” because that seems to be getting me in trouble and that no-space thing is really stressing me out.  Wait, I might be onto something here…space-loving.  Hyphens kind of give the illusion of a space when there really isn’t one there.  I love my space, but for most people, it’s just an illusion.  I guess I can live with that.

So let’s see, we are left with “space-loving.”  I count that as one word, thanks to that illusion-producing hyphen.  Yikes, there’s another one!  As a space-loving creature, I’m also an introvert, so let’s throw that in there.  Damn, if I hadn’t made up that “hyphen linking two words together makes one-word rule,”  I’d be done now.  But no, I’ve got that whole “hoist by my own petard” situation going on here and I have no one to blame but myself.  I guess that was sort of understood, but I thought I’d drive the point home.

To recap, we have space-loving and introvert.  Wait!  I think I’ve got it!  Bat-shit-crazy space-loving introvert!  That’s me!

P.S.  I still miss my spaces, but I am mollified knowing that I hyphenated the hell out of it!

P.P.S.  I also like astronomy.


24 thoughts on “Question #3

  1. 😂😆😆😂 I barely handled reading this post! It’s a good think I wasn’t drinking anything at the time because I’m pretty sure it would have came out of my nose!

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    1. Happy to oblige! Haha, now you’ve made my day! Anytime I can make more than one person pee over something I’ve written, I know I’ve done something. I can get dogs to do it all of the time, but humans…not so much

      Liked by 2 people

      1. How come?! I have done it recently and I mentioned you within my blog for the award versality, regarding that I have seen your comment on it. You forgot it quickly, by the way with regards to mystery blogger, I was just kidding🙂

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        1. Oh my, you are right! I had three awards right in a row, and I got confused. I’m so sorry! I was telling Mohamad that I was getting all muddled because I couldn’t keep up by just going to the Reader. I’m doing much better now that I have them all coming to me via email. I hope you’ll forgive me! Haha, the fact that I didn’t know you were kidding about the other one tells you just how mixed up I am about awards and tags! Sigh…

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              1. Hhhh, forget it, we are human, I am sure you have a justified reason that made you forgot it. No need for further apologies, you did not do anything, this thing has happened accidentally, I am not from that kind ❤️🌹

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  2. lol I liked a lot how you changed a so simple (duh…) question like “describe yourself in three words” into a full text where you ends up with an expression that looks a lot like German words… xD
    Congratulations 😉

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          1. I think German doesn’t allows hyphens on multi-word words… 😦
            But hey! We are not Germans!!! Well… This is not completely true… At least for me. I’m half German… xD

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