I just heard that my cousin (once removed)  Jenny Oby has published a book about the Lakewood Theatre.

Many of you have read my Cornville post on Mohamad Al Karbi’s site


This Theatre is nearby and is actually on the outskirts of the town I grew up in.  In its heyday, many very famous stars went there to perform great plays.  Jenny’s blog will give you another glimpse of Maine, this time from the old days.

I am so proud of Jenny and her accomplishment of becoming a published author.  Wow!  Here is a link to her blog:







29 thoughts on “I Have a Published Author in the Family!

      1. Hey, Renata! I don’t have a WordPress site; I only have my personal website and blog (hosted by SquareSpace). . .that’s why you couldn’t find it on here! But thanks for visiting my other site and for following me on the other platforms. Looking forward to reading your blog!

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    1. Hi, HoustonPhotoJourney! Thanks for checking out my website. I don’t have a blog on WordPress (just my own personal website/blog hosted on another platform called SquareSpace). . .you’re more than welcome to comment there, or just read and enjoy! Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to exploring your blog, as well! 🙂

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  1. Linda, thanks so much for writing the nice blog about Jenny’s book! I am feeling the excitement! I am so proud of my daughter’s accomplishment, and so proud of you, my dear cousin. What a great talent you have! I will be waiting to read each one of your blogs! And who knows what else might be in store for you two talented ladies?! You make our family proud!

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    1. Hahaha, Linda, I can’t believe you got my mom to comment on a blog! And, both of you, thanks for all your kind words and encouragement. I’m appointing Mom and Linda to be my official publicists! And when Linda writes her book, I’ll return the favor. . . 😉

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  2. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments! I’ve received some questions about where to find my blog (it’s a little confusing because I do not host my blog on WordPress, but on my personal website [on a different platform called SquareSpace] instead). Here is the link to the blog feed on my website: https://www.jennyobywriter.com/lakewoodblog/ If you are interested in subscribing via email, please scroll to the bottom of that page, where you’ll find a “Subscribe” link. Simply enter your email, and you’ll get updates whenever I post (about twice a month). Thanks again, everyone! 🙂

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