Ok, on the outside Lily looks like a cat.  She’s a great big calico cat.  Or is she?

Lily is the only cat I’ve ever met who will come when called.  We have a really big field out behind our house and Lily likes to hunt there.  It doesn’t matter how far away she is, if I call out her name, she comes.  Not only does she come, she runs, just like a dog.

I thought Lily’s dog-like behavior was limited to that, but she showed another dog-like trait while out in the field.  My husband and I would take our real dogs through the field on leashes for training.  Off we’d go, walking through the field, each of us would have a dog, and Lily would follow us all.  She was the caboose to our little canine train.

I mentioned that Lily liked to hunt.  She is an amazing huntress when it comes to mice, moles, and voles.  All those little rodenty things were Lily’s prey.  For a while, she would bring mice in the house in various stages between life and death.  I am one who would not hurt a fly.  It really bothered me to see these little creatures suffer.  It really bothered Bill when Lily brought a dead mouse in and plunked it in the bed.  Now it would have been bad enough if she did this while we were awake, but since we were asleep, Bill didn’t find the offending mouse till he rolled over onto it.  I’ve never seen him get out of bed so quickly in my life!  I think there might have been screaming involved, but he’d say it was just yelling.

Lily was always bringing us presents, but she realized that we always took them away from her.  What fun was that?  I swear she wanted to play fetch with them.  So then she discovered what I called her “killing field.”  She figured out that if she took the mouse to the bathtub and let it loose there, it couldn’t escape and she could torment it to her heart’s content.  This was the answer!  No more trying to make those stupid humans play fetch, they never did learn how to do it!

If one needs proof that Lily is a dog, I will tell you about Margot.  Margot was a little Berger des Pyrenees herding dog that we lost a few months ago.  Now, what does this have to do with Lily being a dog?  Margot used to hump Lily.  I know it’s a power play, but the weird thing is that she never tried to hump any other animal in the house.  Margot was obviously gay and thought Lily was a dog.  Who needs more proof than that!?




42 thoughts on “Lily the Dog

  1. I have a dog cat myself. Isabel comes when calls, waits at the door when she knows you’re home and walks under your feet. My personal favorite is her howling. She howls at shadows, the moon, and if we aren’t awake at 6am she’ll howl at us from the foot of the bed!

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    1. Oh my goodness, my other cat Echo is a howler! He’s a rescue but is voice is that of a Siamese even though he’s totally black. There are times at night when he’ll just be howling two rooms away for the joy of it.

      Don’t you love having a dog cat? Lily is so cool. If she’s hungry she will follow my husband around and sit in front of him till he notices and feeds her…just like a dog! I keep thinking of other instances of her dog-like behavior I hadn’t thought of when I wrote the post.

      By the way, I love that your cat is named Isabel and you spelled it that way. It’s my middle name and you don’t hear it that often.

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      1. Yes! She’s so nice and she’s day to my grumpy cat’s night. She is also a husband lover as well. Hers her go to cuddler and she follows him everywhere! She even gets upset if he goes to the bathroom without her! It’s so hilarious. Your middle name is beautiful! 🙂

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  2. Haha I don’t know if it’s your sassy writing style or the humping part that made me smile lol. Great post.
    Psst: Flint Eastwood went to work with me today and I think a few more people might get a worry eater 😉

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    1. Thanks, it’s always fun to write about a humping sheep herding dog!

      My Flamm arrived yesterday and I LOVE her. Still not sure of gender, but she’s a “her” to me! Perhaps she is Madame Flamm.

      I might even get another one someday. You are such a bad influence on me! We really should do a dual post. They could have the best adventures together!

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      1. I love the idea and I’m sure we could come up with something fun. Glad you like Madame Flamm….perfect name. I can see it…..”The adventures of Madame Flamm & Flint Eastwood….a love without worries” 😂😂😂

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            1. I don’t know, that Enno is pretty darned cute and their colors are coordinated. Not so with Madame Flamm and Pure Polli Purebred, but I can live with that! Oh!!! Look at Saggo, love that “hair!”

              *sing songy voice* If you get another one, we can have more adventures….”

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  3. Bill must’ve been pretty freaked out. I would! I like the way each cat has its own personality. There are hunters, hiders, leaders…


  4. Haha, Bill got used to it because it happened regularly. We kept trying to get Margot to stop, but then it was obvious that even though Lily was being squashed, she wasn’t running away! Not sure what to make of that, and I’m not sure I want to know!


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