I was probably ten or twelve when I saw this awesome show on TV about the martial arts.  These people were beyond belief!  They could chop boards in half, they did all of these really tricky kicks and hand movements.  I was enthralled.  Then I noticed one of them taking his opponent down by pushing against his shoulder and kicking the back of his leg at the same time.  It was beautiful AND it was something I thought I could do!

I crafted my cunning plan.  My Dad was outside shoveling.  It was one of those really heavy snows and the road was a mess of gritty slush.  I walked out there and I just knew I could take him down!  Now rest assured, this was not something that came out of the blue.  We were always trying to best each other in something or other.

I gave him fair warning.  I told him I’d just seen this cool move on TV.  He told me to give it my best shot.  That when I executed the move perfectly…in my head.  Another part of me became aware that I was sitting in slush!  It was like trying to move the unmovable!  I retreated to the sound of his laughter with my cold, gritty tail between my legs.


10 thoughts on “My Martial Arts Prowess 

  1. Great post. I know one of my friends who used to boast about his expertise in Taekwondo. So one day he tried to show his move on another friend, in the presence of a female friend. Both of them were trying to impress the lady. My taekwondo expert friend fell on his rump, as his foot slipped. That was a hilarious moment.

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  2. Love this post, as someone who has done martial arts for years, I do can related and can honestly say that it still happens regularly…. I seem to spend a lot of time on my butt in contrast to what I normally have in my mind whenever we start a fight in training 😀

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    1. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel, even 40 years later!!! By the way, I love your posts, too. You have a great sense of humor and that must be difficult being a surgeon. Looking forward to the next post eagerly!

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