I love this so much, I just had to reblog!

Five Foot Nomad

Life is short and so is your time
You don’t need the validation if you know your purpose here
The transition has become the tragedy but hope should not be lost
We will see His face, He made this promise
But first you must start now
Use what’s innate in you, “this gift” can only be brought to life by your hands
Pave the way for the truth, drink from the water that never runs dry
Find it inside of you, be the ocean, for the puddle is not your home.

Picture from http://www.flickr.com

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7 thoughts on “The puddle is not your home

  1. Nice post. Problem is most of us do not know what is our purpose here. As a result, we move around in circle pursuing goals that may not be essential. Many call it a game of illusion. A few breakfree, rest keep on playing because that is how the creation works. If everyone stops playing, then game stops.

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