I’m an idiot because I was asked to be a guest author on another blog! It’s for a series called “Around the World” so I got to write about Cornville and Maine. I hope I did it justice.

Oh wait, that’s not why I’m an idiot!  I’m and idiot because I never thought to let all of my followers here know about it!

My apologies to my new followers from that blog for your having to see this twice.  I really AM an idiot!

Anyhow, this piece is posted on Mohamad Al Karbi’s blog.  He is awesome and has been so nice to me.  Being a newbie blogger, this has been just wonderful.  I highly encourage you to check out other posts on his blog, too.  It’s just stunning!


Check mine out here:


I am so honored that Mohamad asked me to be a guest author for his Around the World category. I’m a little intimidated. He is one of the greatest bloggers I know and he is very generous wit…

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