During my first year of college, I made an extraordinary friend named Kate.  One of the smartest people I’d ever met, I knew she would go on to do some pretty amazing things in her chosen field of genetics.

After our time at school ended we drifted apart, but a few years later she got in touch. She informed me that I had tested positive on a pregnancy test.  This was news to me, especially since I remembered nothing of it!

Come to find out, Kate worked in a place that did pregnancy tests.  That was pretty handy for her, but she didn’t want her co-workers to know that she might be expecting.  She used my name and info on the test to find out that she was, in fact, about to be a parent!

Somewhere, in the bowels of a genetics lab in California, there are records of my pregnancy that never was.


30 thoughts on “I’m Having Her Baby

  1. Haha, once she knew she was able to make decisions based on that knowledge. This was years and years ago. I can’t remember why she didn’t want her people to know immediately. Of course, it all became clear soon enough! 🙂


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