With the news full of war and hatred, it is hard to believe we belong to the same species.  We let religion, race, geography, and class divide us.  The world is full of “us vs. them.”

The news may reflect what heads of state want us to believe, but I’m not buying it.  People are people.  If you dig down beneath the rhetoric, most people would get along if it weren’t for their leaders telling them that they shouldn’t.

I have a channel, a sort of chat room.  It is a gathering place to talk about anything and everything.  A few years ago I was amused to find two of my friends arguing about who made the best hummus.  One of them was from Lebanon and the other was from Israel.  It was a good-natured ribbing they gave each other.

A few weeks later they were talking about their current situation.  Their countries were bombing each other and they were typing from bomb shelters.  The Israeli posted a video of a bomb coming down near his house just before he headed for the shelter.  Their countries were killing each other.  Yet they were still friends.


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