You might think the picture above is pretty meaningless, but it is miraculous to me.  I live in the country.  When I say “country” I mean the sticks, the boondocks, the willy wacks.  I live on the edge of the big woods.  There are townships nearby with a population of zero.  There are towns with no names yet!  What’s the old joke?  It’s not the end of the universe, but you can see it from here!  That’s where I live.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that our amenities are rather meager.  Having only a population of 1200 souls, Cornville (insert laughter here) has no cable TV or internet provider.  The only way I get half decent internet speeds is via satellite.  Satellite providers have a cap on the number of gigs you can use per month.  Your monthly bill is based on the 10, 15 or 25 gig plans.  It pains me to pay more than $65/month so I am on the 10 gig plan.  As you can imagine, it’s painful.  No streaming, no YouTube, even gifs make me nervous.

I have longed for broadband internet that didn’t require a dish with it’s accompanying cap.  I have longed for higher speeds and unlimited downloads.  I have longed for these things for a very long time.  Then, a few weeks ago, I saw this truck going by stringing cable.

fiber dely system

I wasn’t sure what the cable was for, but my heart quickened and I ran from window to window trying to get a better look.  I was so enthralled that my husband went out to ask the flagperson what the cable was for.  The flag guy didn’t know!  How could he not know!?  It was maddening!

The truck slowly made its way up the road and I watched as it disappeared around the bend.  Could it be cable TV?  That would be wonderful!  Could it possibly be broadband internet?  If so, be still my heart, could it be fiber?  Internet coming over fiber is fast.  Really fast!  And it is unlimited.  I didn’t dare let my hopes get too high.

My heart was racing.  I went outside and looked the cable over carefully, but it gave no clues.  Then I turned my attention to the telephone pole.  Oh my goodness!!!  There was this tiny orange spot where the wire connected to the pole.  That orange spot meant fiber!  FIBER!!!  That truck was a fiber delivery system and if it were still within sight I probably would have kissed the guys who manned it!  I literally cried, no lie.

This all happened a month or so back and we still haven’t gotten the word that we can hook up.  I’m sure our huge drifts of snow have something to do with that.  I made my ever-patient husband drive me up the road as I followed the cable with its little orange markers.  Then it abruptly came to a dangling spiraled end, connected to nothing.  It was dangling over a telephone box, so it was obvious that they intended to hook it up, but when?  I came home thinking to myself “Usually people want fiber in their juice.  I want juice in my fiber!”   Everyone needs more fiber!


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