Over the years, I have learned many things about healthful living.  A lot of them concern beverages.  Here are some things I’ve learned:

Coffee is bad for you

Alcohol is bad for you

Milk is good for you

Drink 8 glasses of water a day, but has to be water, nothing else counts.

Soda will kill you

Fruit juices are good for you as long as you leave the pulp in.

Red wine is good for you

Fruit juices are bad for you

Green tea is good for you

Coffee is good for you

Milk is bad for you

Black tea is good for you

If you drink 8 glasses a day: water, black tea, and black coffee count.

The health gurus change their minds so often on what is good and what is bad, I’ve given up.  I’m going to continue to drink my black coffee, black tea, and water.  I’ll dream of a day when Pepsi and lemonade are healthy.  It’s coming, you just know it has to be coming.


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