I am tired of politics.  Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives; I’m tired of them all. However, sometimes there are political subjects that pique my interest.  One of those things is the Tea Party.  The only thing I really like about the Tea Party is the name.  It has historical significance and it’s catchy.  Those Republicans knew what they were doing when they came up with that one.

If you want to look at it another way, who dislikes a tea party?  It’s fun and little kids do it.  You can stick out your little finger and act all posh.  Who can object to a tea party?  I’ll tell you who, coffee drinkers!

Staunch Republicans have the Tea Party and I think staunch Democrats should have The Coffee Party.  The Democrats could use a kick in the pants.  Let’s perk ’em up!  They can put on their pink hats and brew up some rebellion.

Tea may have been the preferred drink in the old days, but coffee keeps us going now.  Can you imagine what day-to-day life would be if our favorite beverage suddenly disappeared?  Even if you don’t drink the stuff, I don’t think you would want to live in that world.  The murder rate would soar, families would break apart, and industry would stop.  There would be a rebellion that would make the Boston Tea Party look tame.

Democrats, you need to wake up!  Just because the President and Congress seem to be winning, they are all tea and no sympathy.  In a land of diversity, coffee is one thing that brings the majority of us together.

Pass the Americano, I’m in a patriotic mood!

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