A while back I had a neuro-psych review.  It was an all-day event and I left there feeling bereft and bewildered.  Only one thing could help this unfortunate combination.  RETAIL THERAPY!!!  I needed a new laptop, so rather than do my research, I went straight to Best Buy looking to procure the best PC for my needs that they had on their shelves.  I took at least an hour and a half looking, comparing, lifting for weight, tapping to see if they were plastic…you get the picture.  There was this very nice sales guy who endured this tedious, nay painful process.  I offered him an out.  It told him I was just browsing, but he was adamant that he wasn’t busy and this was preferable to anything else he might do.  Poor guy, I don’t think I want to know what his alternatives were, they must have been downright daunting.
I kept looking.  Nothing was right, I was about to leave the store.  Then I had this moment of whimsy and caprice.  I enquired if they had an Apple section.  Of course, they did!  I wandered over there, the stalwart salesman in tow, and walked right up to the MacBook Air.  Now I had always thought of Macs as being elegant, yet pricey.  Beautiful, yet scarily different OS-wise.  I walked right up to that MacBook Air, my fingers flew over the keys.  I lovingly touched the aluminum case.  I lifted the almost 3 lbs of computing exhilaration.  Then, the still faithful sales companion said the unthinkable. “This model is currently $150 off.”  I nearly swooned.
The Apple store never has sales, ever.  I could have this amazing machine for $150 off!!  All of this happened in the span of about 4 minutes; I’m not kidding!  Said salesman was totally flummoxed when I told him there and then that I would take it.  I thought HE was going to swoon.  He had walked the trail of PC inadequacy with me for such a long time, it was inconceivable that I knew this was the one so quickly.
Then, even after he knew he had made the sale, he did something so remarkable, it still takes my breath away.  He lifted the laptop about a foot and a half above the shelf and let it drop.   Solid state drive, no moving parts.  Levi-proof!  My beloved Great Dane had ruined three laptops in the span of a couple of years.  He liked to jump on the couch.  I sometimes left my laptop on the couch.  Hard drives don’t appreciate Great Danes jumping on them. Hard drives die when Great Danes jump on them.  It’s not surprising the flood of emotions I had when I saw this feat of computer endurance.  I went from infatuation, to lust, to true love in a millisecond.  My brain may be impaired, but damn it all, I was going to learn a new OS on my nice new, aluminum-cased, lightweight, elegantly appointed laptop.  And I did.

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