I tried to think up a great title for this blog.  I did a little test drive by Googling all of my really funny, descriptive, alliterative ideas.  Everyone else has the best titles.  Every single one of my contenders was the moniker of another blog, a short story, lyric, or a poem.   Yeah right, I want my blog to have the same name as some poem about a disorganized mind.  I want my blog to BE about a disorganized mind…on vacation.  I say vacation because I am ever hopeful that I might get a glimpse of it one day.  A postcard saying “Wish you were here” would be nice.

Sometimes the things that are furthest from our minds are the things that bring our minds into focus.  That’s my theory.  The problem with that theory is that I can’t seem to bring the furthest things from my mind anywhere near the forefront.  So much for focus.

For those of you who have a hard time concentrating and cogitating and all of those other “c” words brain-related, I’m right there with you. I lost my mind a few years ago.  It’s not that I’m crazy, at least not more than I’ve always been, but my mind decided to go on an epileptic holiday…and it never returned.  It decided to travel to places unknown and uncharted. It left no forwarding address.  My sneaking suspicion is that it has landed in the dead letter office swirling somewhere in the Doldrums.

Now that you know the state of my mindlessness, you should also be aware that I’m also depressed.  I would say that this is full disclosure, but since this is only the beginning of our time together, I’ll just call it “ongoing disclosure.”  What else is a blog, anyhow?

Whoa!  Why would you want to read a blog by someone who’s lost her mind and is depressed about it?  I have no idea.  If I were you, I’d click the X and escape.  But I’m not you, and I’m not about to tell you what you should do, but you should proceed at your own risk.  Damn it, I just told you what you should do in the same sentence where I told you I wasn’t going to tell you what to do.  Get used to it.  It’s how I am.  Keep your head about you, since I can’t.

You may be asking yourself who those dogs are at the top of the page.  Meet Levi and Walter. You will hear a lot more about them later.  There will be a great deal more about them…I’m very dog-centric.  Just ask my friends.  They will nod solemnly.  I take this to mean that they take my dog-centricity very seriously.  Delusion is my friend.

And here are some other totally random pictures that we will touch upon in future missives:

IMG_4434Birthday footballIMG_4303



6 thoughts on “Everyone Else Has the Best Titles

  1. I like your title. Seasoned bloggers say that through your blogging journey and as your blog evolves, your content may take a completely different direction than you originally intended. I’ve also heard that many bloggers find themselves not liking the title that they originally picked for their blog. Who knows? Certainly not me. Time will tell.
    Erin Cooper Reed

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    1. Thanks! I truly chose it out of desperation. Everyone else TRULY had the best titles. I’ve come to like it. At least it’s unique. I really appreciate the feedback. I am nowhere near the seasoned blogger stage. I’ve only been here since mid-March. I have SO much to learn.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Obviously! Thanks for the sweet shout out on the Growing Self Award. That was really nice of you. This little mainepaperpusher has some writing to do. I’ve got to come up with some topics!


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